About Us

The Faculty of Political Sciences endeavours to prepare the students well in terms of  intellectual and professional knowledge for the rest of their life in which they will enhance the effiency and quality of the academic, political and administrative organizations of our country. Besides, we are comitted to contribute to our University's main objective of establishing a research-led environment with modern teaching and academic practice.

Our faculty has commenced teaching in 2012 and is currently comprised of five departments:

- Economics

- Business Administration

- International Relations

- Political Science and Public Administration

- Public Finance

We attach great deal of importance to foreign language proficiency of our students and in this regard we offer preparatory class. In addition to that, 100 % of our lectures are thought in English. 

We aim at raising new generations who are competent and leader in their field. Moreover, we strive to contribute to universal academic literature and also attempt the theoretical knowledge to practical applications.

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