Dean's Note

Dear Students,
Welcome to Istanbul Medeniyet University Faculty of Political Sciences.
Faculty of Political Sciences provides education in five departments: Economics, International Relations, Political Science and Public Administration, Business and Finance. Within the scope of our undergraduate programs, the Department of Finance has programs in Turkish and the other departments that provide 100% English and Turkish education. The Faculty of Political Sciences offers an ambitious education with its academic staff, who have graduated from universities that are well-known in their fields and have international experience.
The main goal of our faculty in education is to develop students as individuals with high social responsibility, open mindedness, ethical values, and awareness of science and diversity while preparing students for sustainable careers. In order to achieve this goal, a wide range of courses are offered within the scope of our undergraduate education programs. In this context, IMU Political Science Each student who has won his faculty will have the opportunity to learn one of the Russian, Persian, Chinese, Arabic and Spanish languages ​​along with his professional courses and English during his four-year education.
 In addition to transferring universal knowledge to students, our faculty also has the task of preparing them for life. In this framework, as the Faculty of Political Sciences, we bring our students together with the leading names in the field through the seminars and events we hold during the year. In addition to these, students of the Faculty of Political Sciences of Medeniyet University will have a valuable student life by studying in the center of Istanbul, benefiting from the cultural, historical and social fabric of the city.
 I wish you success in your undergraduate education life.